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Ask About Maintenance Services from the Water Heater San Jose Companies You Use

by / Monday, 11 June 2012 / Published in Blog

Home owners and industrial establishments in San Jose Bay Area use a wide range of water heaters of different capacities. Commercial and domestic water heaters would be maintained in proper working condition by doing regular maintenance with the aid of experienced and reputed Plumbing service providers, specializing in Water heater in San Jose South Bay.

By doing regular maintenance, the life of the water heater gets increased considerably. The changing weather conditions with in a particular given year in San Jose would also have a bearing on the overall performance of the water heater. Experienced water heater plumbing service providers have Licensed and skilled plumbers with them capable of providing different types of water heater plumbing services including:

  • Gas water heater repair and maintenance
  • Electric water heater repair and maintenance
  • Tankless water heater repair and maintenance

Different issues related with Gas water heater

When it comes to domestic gas water heaters, some of the issues that would usually prevent the normal functioning includes:

  • Water not getting heated properly. This would be due to malfunctioning of the thermocouple that acts as the heating element in the gas water heater. Plumbing service providers would usually test the existing thermocouple and find out if the problem can be rectified. Otherwise the plumbing service provider would replace the existing thermocouple with a new one.
  • Sometimes the poor heating may also be caused by the thermostat that is fitted to the tank.
  • Another problem usually associated with the gas water heater is the creation of noise within the water tank. This may be due to the sedimentation or scales that gets formed along the inner walls of the tank. Due to these scales, the heating element would try to increase its capacity thereby producing the unwanted noise.
  • The noise inside the water tank might also be due to the poor condition of the thermocouple. When it tries to perform heating operation from such a poor state, it starts to give out the unwanted noise.

In addition to these common gas water heater problems, a good water heater San Jose plumbing service provider would also perform tank cleaning operations to remove any unwanted sediments or scales that gets formed over a period of usage.

Problems associated with tankless water heaters

Usually the problems associated with tankless water heater occur during the installation stages. Hence it is important for the plumbing service provider to take all the precautions before installing the tankless water heater. As tankless water heaters are installed outside, the heating unit is totally exposed to the external weather conditions.

During the winter months, there are chances of the heating unit getting completely frozen. Hence it is essential to provide insulation to the heating unit at the time of installation. Another important aspect that needs to be taken care during installation is the provision of an exhaust venting system. The exhaust temperature in the tankless water heater would be very high and hence proper venting is required to bring the exhaust temperature to normalcy.

A well reputed  water heater San Jose plumbing service provider would ensure that all the required provisions are given at the time of installation of a water heater. These plumbing service providers also have the capability to quickly detect problems associated with commercial water heaters and provide solutions to those problems.