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Indications of the Need for a New Water Heater Installation in San Jose Homes

by / Thursday, 29 November 2012 / Published in Blog

San Jose’s winter temperatures only average between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in the winter of 2011, the city experienced its coldest temperature since 1897 when it dropped to 33 degrees Fahrenheit. During this season, it is important that your water heater is working perfectly to give you a soothing warm bath. But if it’s currently not giving you the hot water you need, it may be time to have it checked or replaced. Here are the signs to watch out for:

You can’t get hot water

Water heaters succumb to normal wear and tear, causing them to heat water longer than usual. However, if you have to wait longer and longer for hot water to come out, it may be time for a replacement. Call on reliable San Jose water heater installation experts to replace your equipment with a new one.

Your heater is constantly leaking

A leaking water heater isn’t only a nuisance; it could drive up your water bills and turn into a safety hazard as well. Contact a reputable water heater company like Alpha Omega Plumbing, Inc. and have your heater checked. The common causes of water spills are cracks in the pipe connections, water lines, and valves. When it’s no longer possible to have these patched up, consider buying a new heater.

You have an old water heater

According to a 2006 study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders on the life expectancy of home components, electric and gas water heaters typically last 10 years. If your heater has exceeded this, have it replaced. The repair costs may be less but it will eventually consume more energy and increase your utility expenses. Eventually it will need more frequent repairs, which will be a bigger headache.

A way to save on energy costs is to use a tankless water heater in San Jose. Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters produce hot water only when you need it. The U.S. Department of Energy states these water heaters can provide energy savings from $25 to $107 annually.

Consult with water heating specialists if a tankless water installation is the right option for you. They will assess your needs and recommend what’s best for you. However, if you have a broken thermostat or a flickering pilot light, there may be no need to replace your water heater just yet.