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Letting Plumbers in San Jose Take Care of Those Leaks and Clogs

by / Saturday, 28 August 2010 / Published in Blog

Most people think their plumbing problems at home, such as faucet leaks, are simple enough to fix on their own. In many instances, yes, it can be an easy task, but there are just as many times that a do-it-yourself job can only make matters worse. If you’re living in California, it may be better to call plumbers in San Jose like Alpha Omega to address such problems.

There are several steps to preventing basic plumbing issues at home. For example, you should never pour fatty residue or cooking oil down the drain. These will harden in the pipes and cause clogging. Moreover, you should ensure that all drains have strainers to prevent hair, soap, and debris from obstructing the pipes.

Never flush diapers, cotton swabs, cotton balls, facial scrub pads, and similar products down the toilets. These will not dissolve in sewage water and can be the main cause of most clogs. You should always check your toilets for hidden leaks, and inspect tanks and bowls for any cracks. Also, make sure that the toilets flush properly, and observe how fast it flushes as delays can indicate problems in the plumbing system.

The water heater can also be a major plumbing issue if not handled properly. Temperature settings must be checked regularly—it should not be higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding. Furthermore, a water tank full of rust is a sign of potential problems. Hence, replacing the water heater San Jose residents like you might have at home may prevent more serious plumbing damage from happening.

Make sure that your outdoor drains, gutters, and downspouts are free from debris and other materials which can obstruct the discharge of liquids and effluents. You must also check faucets and hose bibs to ensure that water flows freely from them. Additionally, note if there is excess water in the yard as it may come from a damaged sewer line and may contain waste—this can cause serious health issues to members of the household, including your pets.

Homeowners should never ignore any plumbing problem they observe at home—no matter how innocuous it may seem—as it may be a sign of more serious damage. It is always best to hire experts in plumbing San Jose CA residents can trust to avoid major issues from developing.