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Water Heater Repair in San Jose – Call Alpha Omega

by / Sunday, 24 June 2012 / Published in Blog

Hot water is used around the home to do a lot of things. From doing laundry, dishes, and even for taking baths. When the hot water heater gets broken in any way, its absence is significantly noted in the home. When a hot water heater gets damaged, it is important to call a professional to fix it as soon as possible to avoid further damage on the water heater. Water repair San Jose company (Alpha Omega) offers repairs of water heaters to those living around San Jose.

Common Causes of Water Heater Problems

Damaged dip tube

A dip tube is what keeps the cold and water heater in the tank from mixing. When this happens the water in the tank becomes too much to be heated causing the water to be cold. When this happens, it is best to call an expert to come and replace the dip tube.

Damaged thermocouple

You can suspect that the thermocouple is spoilt or damages if the water is completely cold i.e. it has no signs of being heated at all. The thermocouple is the device that allows the safe heating of the water heater. When this happens the water in the tank does not heat at all. To fix the problem, it must be replaced by a professional.

Lack of enough hot water

Most heaters hold up about 75% of hot water and 25% cold water at any time. If a family uses more water than the heater can hold, the ratio in the water heater tank will be disturbed leading to cold water being produced in the hot water tap. This may be an indication that the water heater is too small to sufficiently meet your hot water demands. Although this may not be an issue of repair it may require an expert to change the whole water heater.

Other issues that may cause you to call water heater repair San Josecompany (Alpha Omega) include discolored or dirty water, excessive noise coming from your water heater as well as smelly water.

Discolored water is usually caused by an eroded anode rod in the hot water heater; this requires a replacement of the rod. Although it may be cheap and easily available from a hardware store, replacing it may require a professional. The same problem of the eroding node can cause smelly water. If your hot water seems to be emitting a smell that resembles that of rotten eggs, you may want to check all the anode rods in the tank.

The main cause of a loud and noisy water heater is sedimentary buildup within the tank. This buildup causes the water to boil and a rumbling noise is emitted from the heater. If you find yourself having this problem it you may need to flush and empty the water heater. When the sediments have been flushed then you can refill the water heater.

If you find yourself having some of the above problems you can choose to call water heater repair San Jose company (Alpha Omega) and get a professional to solve your water heater problems.