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Why Choose Tankless Instead of a Regular Water Heater

by / Monday, 11 June 2012 / Published in Blog

An excerpt from a San Jose water heater company.

Tankless water heaters are heaters that heat water instantly making it unnecessary to store water in a tank and maintain it at constant temperature. For this reason, they are more cost effective than regular water heaters, which require a significant amount of energy. These tanks are identified by various names such as inline water heaters, demand water heaters, instant water heaters and point of use water heaters. The main reason why you should consider getting a tankless water heater is that it heats water only when needed. This reduces the energy used during the standby intervals.

By choosing to use tankless water heaters, you can save up to twenty percent on your heating bills. The other advantage of these water heaters is that the chance of bacteria growth is limited since they do not store water unlike regular water tanks. Instant water heaters function in a different manner from regular water heaters. The flow of water into the heater is controlled by a water flow sensor. The burner is then ignited automatically and the water flows via the heat exchanger, which heats the water. The process of heating water automatically stops when you turn off the hot water tap. This ensures that you will never lack hot water when using an inline water heater.

Another reason why you should consider getting a tankless water heater for San Jose home is that you can mount it anywhere you want. Since it does not come with a tank, the places where it can fit are virtually endless. When using such a tank, the chances of water damage taking place in your house are limited because of the absence of a tank that can leak. The only risk of water damage you have when using this kind of heater is one that results from bad fittings or improper piping. A tankless water heater is also advantageous to use because it lasts longer than regular water tanks. Since it does not have a tank, the damage caused by corrosion occurs only in the pipes or around the fittings. Regular water heaters usually last about ten to fifteen years while tankless water heats last for more than twenty years. Furthermore, the parts of tankless heaters are easy to replace and it is therefore easy for technicians to repair them.

On demand water heaters are also appealing to use because they can heat large amounts for water that is needed at different locations at once. For example, you can install such a water heater to heat water in the shower, kitchen and washing machine. Tankless water heaters usually supply up to six to seven gallons of hot water very minute while regular water heaters supply 2.5 gallons of water every minute. They are also able to keep the water temperature at its preset level regardless of the water volume or pressure. When you install a tankless water heater in San Jose Bay Area homes, you will no longer have to call in a plumber for reasons such as tank cleaning. If the heater suffers a malfunction, the system with provide you with diagnostic and analytic information before it automatically turns off.