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How do I know how old my conventional water heater tank is?

Every water heater comes with a label attached to it, known as a “rating plate” which has much of the water heater’s information, including the model and serial number of the water heater. While it does not directly reveal the age of the water heater, we can use this serial number to help you determine the month and year of your water heater unit.

What are the warranty options for a conventional water heater tank?

A basic warranty consists of the manufacture’s standard limited warranty which usually covers the water heater tank against leakage and labor for 1 year. However, at Alpha Omega Plumbing Inc, we extend the labor warranty as part of our service. We also offer options to apply for a manufacture’s water heater standard limited warranty for a period of 10, and lifetime for an additional fee.

What are the differences between conventional and tankless water heaters?

Today, standard conventional water heaters constantly run throughout the day, heating water and storing it in a large tank to make available for use when needed. Unfortunately, even with the best water heating tank, a lot of energy is used and wasted throughout the day as the tank attempts to maintain the heated temperature.

Tankless water heaters, also known as “instant” or “on demand” heaters, only heat water when it is in actual use – as opposed to heating up a tank and storing it for future use. Thus, when you turn on the hot water at a faucet, the heater will instantly activate – heating the water right there and then – and continue to maintain heat until the faucet is turned off.

Because of this, the tankless heaters not only save energy (since they are only being used when needed, and do not waste time idly heating up unused water) but you will also never run in to an issue of running out of hot water! When a conventional heater runs out of its pre-heated water, you must wait for it to heat up more. However, the tankless heaters don’t work like this, they heat as you go – allowing for essentially infinite hot water use!

What are the best tankless water heaters?

The best tankless heaters on the market feature high end computing systems which guarantee that a precise water temperature is maintained regardless of changes in pressure, water flow, and the temperature of the water to be heated. Since tankless heaters eliminate the energy loss from the storage tank heating up and maintaining water temperature unnecessarily throughout the day, they can cut your water heating costs by up to 50%.

So, not only are you saving money by switching, but you are also helping the environment by cutting back on wasted water and energy use. And, last but not least, they take up less space, have much longer lasting warranties, and, of course, they never run out of hot water!

How do you maintain a water heater?

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